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Our Products

TV Cover

If you’re looking for a way to hide your massive flat-screen soul-sucking black hole of a tv, look no further! The National Map Company creates custom and hand-made tv covers for an attractive way to hide your tv.

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Mondo Mappa

Mondo Mappa is a subsidiary of The National Map Company. Mondo Mappa focuses on created handmade hanging maps that are mounted on oak trim. These hanging maps provide a lovely addition to your home and it’s decor.

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Unique custom created maps of the world, city skylines and map art that is printed in large format sizes for your home or office.

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Other Products

Botanical Images

The Old Fern specializes in Fine Art Botanical and Natural History art reproduction from hard-to-find historical texts, paintings and lithographs. Custom printed by us in state of the art print shop on canvas and large format papers.

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We make some of the largest and best world maps available. We ship all over the WORLD!!! Our maps can be 3x5ft up to 10x12 feet....or larger if necessary. Our BIG Maps are printed on archival cotton canvas and museum grade synthetic canvas.  They are big and amazing to look at.

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Travel Maps

The finest and best quality canvas printed travel maps that can be used with push pins to mark your adventures.  Sizes from 24x36 to 4x7ft framed canvas prints.

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