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The best way to hide your TV. Our TV covers, TV Pulldowns, will fit most any TV and are economical, totally customizable are available in manual or electric options to fit your space. This is the best way to hide a small or giant TV in your home or office.

how to hide a tv

Options for Hiding a TV

Many people love to have large TVs on our walls so we can stream Netflix in "actual sized" images or play the xbox at the mega resolution. The prices of super HD flat screen TVs has become very affordable and it is possible to put a70" or larger TV on your wall for under $400 these days. The problem for many people is that they do not like to look at these huge black wall squares 95% the time when the TV is not being used. Other than being a status symbol to your kid's/husband's friends and a focus for your once a year superbowl party, the big TV is kind of an eyesore to some.

There are ways to hide or disguise your "soul sucking black hole of misinformation," but most of them are impractical and very expensive. If you are not concerned about the cost, you can always have a custom built on site unit created for your space.

how to cover a tv

Tv Covers are pretty self explanatory, they are attractive décor that cover massive flat-screen TVs. After spending your hard-earned money and valuable time decorating your house to perfection you can't stand how your brand-new black-hole of a flat-screen tv distracts from the décor. Now, with our custom tv covers you can find one that will fir your needs and match your décor so you can cover your tv in style.

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