How to Hide a TV

If you are looking for the best way to hide or disguise a TV, we have  done the research and created the ultimate list for a sanctioned official review. We have searched the internet and found the best solutions for you to cover your TV. There are many creative solutions available to hide that TV and keep you from having to look at "a soul sucking black hole."  These solutions will fit most budgets, but be warned that many of them can be a bit pricy.  If you want to bypass the list, you can go directly to the winner and the best option to cover your TV.  Our list and the prices are focused on 65" TVs so that we can keep the reviews consistent.

Option 1 for Hiding a TV

One option for you to hide a TV is to add a nice solid wood frame to your TV.  This works great if you have the Samsung Frame TV that this frame will fit.  A 65" TV will set you back $2000, if you can find one.  It is a nice option if you like high quality picture frame molding and it is made here in the USA which is nice. It is interesting that your frame can cost half the price of your TV, but if you like quality wood this is the solution for you. They are sold by DECO TV Frames in Methuen, Massachusetts.


how to hide a tv

Option 2 for Hiding Your TV

The next way that you can try to disguise your TV is with a cool and fancy two TV lift cabinet.  This is a nice plywood box that can hide your large screen TV in plain sight.  It has a motorized lift and a hinged top that makes me think of a James Bond movie...super high tech.  Just don't think about putting anything on top of it as you will spill your martini and chips when you want to watch a bit of Netflix. They are only $3000 and $400 in shipping which seems like a good deal for a quality plywood box.  Make sure you have some help to get it up the stairs as it is heavy. They are sold by tvliftcabinets .  It may take you up to two months to get it so plan accordingly

how to hide your TV
how to hide a tv

option 3 for hiding a tv

This is another picture frame option that has a motor in the frame.  It would let you hide your tv screen with retractable art.  It seems that the motors are not made any more due to supply chain that was an expensive motor!  It was cool solution and a very high-end statement to make your rich friends jealous. But beware that if it had any issues you could be out $7000 dollars....who was going to come to your house to fix it?  It was sold by framemytv.

how to hide a tv

option 4 for hiding your Tv

If you want to hide your TV behind a solid TV wall cabinet, Ballard Designs has you covered.  They sell a very nice looking MDF box that will hang on your wall. It claims to be "hand crafted"....whatever that means in the context of  a product coming from a Chinese press board factory and the cabinet is made of sawdust and glue.  you get the experience of putting it together and trying to hang the beast level on your TV wall....  But it does look really nice on the wall.

hide your tv

option 5  to hide a big tv

This one is from Auton motorized systems. This is a very nice and seems to be a custom fabricated motorized mechanism that will lift you artwork away from your tv.  It retails at a bargain price of $5695 for your 48" wide TV.  This is for the motor and frame only.  You will get the satisfaction of finding your own art and figuring out how to attach it to this super roller. This is a company I think I would like to work for as they must pay their workers a true living wage to charge that much for a motorized roller.  It also looks like it needs to be built into your wall so you will need a hammer and a drill. The cool thing is that  the lift can raise up to 50 pounds so you can by the heaviest art you can find (bronze statue) or large pieces of driftwood you collect on the beach.  Did I mention it is only $5695, but you get free shipping.

how to hide a tv

Option 7 to hide a tv

This is a another great way to hide your TV and keep it hidden from those annoying house guests who want to watch the game.  The TVcoverup company has a pretty innovative concept that takes the components from a Subaru outback and modifies them to hide a TV.   It has super robotic gas struts and a big frame that should be really easy to install over your fireplace. If you install it outside, it will keep you dry during a thunderstorm or keep you from getting too much sun if you install it by the pool.  The price is a bit steep at $5120, but your new 65" flat screen will thank you in the end.  You will need a drill and a lot of DIY skills to get this TV disguise up on your wall so be ready. This is the other cool James Bond option, but it does not work if your power goes out.

how to hide a tv

option 7 to hide your big tv

We are getting to the end of our list for the best way to hide a TV, but we are not done yet.  The Eclipse TV Cover is an elegant mirror, a two way mirror, when your TV is not in use so you can use it to style your hair as well.  The Eclipse is made with "cutting-edge iris mirror glass"(I think that is a fancy way to say mirror) and the company's "creations are technologically advanced and have luxury quality."  It is a more affordable option than many of the other ways that we mentioned to hide your TV. It is also a bargain at $1728 and they offer easy returns according to the web site, no wait this item is non-returnable so you better get your order correct the first time.  That should not be too difficult as it only fits a 43" TV...lots of those on the market. I have no clue how it would attach to your tv, but I suppose it wont be too difficult with some velcro or super glue. If you get tired of the big black box on your wall, you can always look at your reflection and take Instagram selfies in your cool expensive is better than those bathroom shots that people seem to take. Impress your followers with your luxury glass #lookatme #ispenttoomuchonamirror.

how to hide a tv

option 8 for the best way to hide a tv

This is the best budget friendly option if you want to hide your tv.  Best-fit frames makes special adhesive decals to go on your TV.  For a 65" TV you will need to purchase a $134 frame kit.  This is the plastic frame that goes around your tv for the decal to stick to.  Then you will select the $38 graphic that will help to hide your TV. I can not think of a better to hide your Sharp 90" LC that cost you $8000 than putting a super cool sticker on the edges. In the end you will end up with a $175 sticker kit that will not only not hide your TV, but make it the first thing people notice when they go in to a room.  How many of your friends will say "Why do you have stickers on your TV?"  If you only have a few dollars to spare and you like zebra stripes, flowers or the American flag, this would be the best way for you to cover your TV. The image below is just for the sticker, I mean the laser cut manual pressure sensitive multimedia graphic....(aka a sticker).  You will have to by the plastic frame that you glue and velcro around the TV and wait 24 hours before putting on the graphic...can it fall off over time?  Also, will your remote still work if you cover the ir port on the front and do you even care about that it you just put stickers on your $8k tele?

how to hide a tv

option 9 the best way to hide a tv

This last option in how to hide or disguise a TV is our favorite choice.  It should be said that we are a little bit biased for this option since we make them, but I really did want to share the real options with you.  This TV cover is made by us at WaterColorMaps and can be found on our Etsy store TV PullDowns. These tv covers have be in development for a few years and we pretty much have the process and the quality on how to make a nice TV cover that you will love to look at for years.  We make affordable custom made tv covers that will hide your TV.  They are available as manual and electric covers.  The electric has a remote so you can impress your rich friends who spent the $5000 on the fancy TV stands and it still has a touch of that James Bond coolness. Our covers with a top shelf start at $400 and are available in multiple configurations. Our higher end models can be made with hardwoods like oak and walnut and feature custom brackets, valances and custom images.  These can retail for around $800 or so. They are also made here in South Carolina here at WaterColorMaps and we have been in business since 2012. Let us help you design something amazing for your space.

the best way to cover a tv
the best ay to cove a tv

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**Disclaimer:  All the above information was pulled from the vendor's own web sites.  Those are the real prices that they charge so if you have more money than you know what to do with, you should buy the $7000 tv picture frame.